Become a Love Activist

We are creating a world where love wins. We envision a world where people act from acceptance, kindness and mindfulness. To fulfill on that, we want you to bring love right where you are, with the people around you. Your project can be as simple as reaching out to a neighbor, and as involved as making sure every foster kid in your town starts school with new shoes. What inspires you? 

There are only three elements in creating your own Personal Project of Love:

1. It brings love where it is missing
2. It involves other people (in other words, thinking loving thoughts is great but we want love activists taking actions in the world)
3. You spread the word! Love wins when it’s shared. Use the hashtags #LoveIsMyReligion and #LoveWinsLIMR on social media

We will gather and share projects here as we learn about them. Contact for support!