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Our Mission Is

Connecting People Across the Cultural Divide

We do that by moderating meaningful conversations in a respectful and brave space.

Everyone’s experience is valued. 


Our Vision is a World Where Love Wins.

Do any of these statements ring true? 

  • I want to talk about my experience of the issues of the day without fear of retaliation or judgment. 

  • The current state of the world brings a lot of tension to conversations I have with family and friends. I want to learn techniques for listening and also being heard. 

  • Learning about others' experiences is important to me and it’s becoming harder to find a place where people can share how they came to have their beliefs. 

  • Politics have created a more divisive landscape for open conversations. How can we be honest about our beliefs and experiences without feeling like we have to be on the defense?


Participate in our next Round Table discussion and and connect with people across the cultural divide.

Love Is My Religion provides a space that fosters open, respectful, and brave dialogue around sensitive and highly charged topics.

Open ears, open minds, open hearts.

The discussion is moderated by a team of trained facilitators. Participating in a Round Table means:

  • Your voice will be heard and you won’t be talked over

  • You’ll gain insight into how others came to their own beliefs

  • Your experiences will be respected

  • You’ll deepen your ability to hear those whose beliefs differ from your own

  • You’ll learn to appreciate the importance of diverse views

  • You’ll be inspired to take action to create a world where love wins

Our Board

After a colon cancer scare, Love is My Religion Founder Raymond Ussery faced thoughts of his own mortality. What would be his legacy? What would he leave behind at the end of his days? 

With the input of the board, the vision became clear:  a world where love wins. We connect people across the cultural divide. Join us to see what we're about.

Curious about a Round Table but not sure where to start? Connect with us on social and drop us a question. Or send Ren an email below!

Still not sure if participating in a Round Table is right for you? See what past participants have shared:

"If you have a passionate opinion about a controversial subject and would actually like to be authentically heard, without the fear of being attacked for it, come to a LIMR session. It will change the way you speak, and the way you listen.”

"People are more important than their opinions, and the Be Heard events open up the space where we can see each other beyond our opinions. I come away liking people more, and feeling like we can, in fact, all live together.”

"As a very busy and active person, giving up a Saturday afternoon, mid-day, is always difficult. Virtually each event, in the time leading up to it, I have to make myself commit to it and not simply bail. After each event I think about that and wonder at how refreshed my soul and spirit feel.”

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