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A world where love wins.


Our mission is to connect people across the cultural divide.  We moderate meaningful conversations among groups of “others,” whether the division is politics, race, gender, etc.


We create a respectful and brave space where people speak honestly and even vulnerably about their experience, such that they feel heard, while also deepening their ability to hear others.


Love is My Religion was founded March 2015. 

Love is My Religion Media & Press Kit

What We Do:

We aren’t here to change minds but rather show people the importance of respectful dialogue. 

We host regular roundtable discussions over Zoom built around highly charged topics such as race, abortion, and political standing.


The intention is to bridge the communication gap in a safe and respectful environment. Each discussion is led by a team of trained facilitators who

skillfully moderate the conversation so that people can truly hear — and even appreciate — those they once viewed as “the other.”

Non-Profit Status:

501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit donations to Love Is My Religion are tax-deductible.

Governed By: 

Our board is comprised of women and men from across the US, representing different races, religions, sexual orientations and political beliefs.

Board of Directors: 


Raymond Ussery started Love Is My Religion after he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Thankfully, the second test came back negative, but faced with his own mortality, he began to think about what his legacy would be at the end of his days. One mission kept popping into his mind - to use engagement as a healing tool to grow and learn.

Despite being married to its founder, Ren Ussery joined the board of Love Is My Religion of her own volition. But even if she wasn’t still nuts about Raymond after 30 years, she was happy to join, because she absolutely loves the mission, to create a world where love wins. Ren has been participating in personal transformation and community empowerment work since 1990, and is honored to provide a new expression of that which the LIMR board has created together. 


She’s been helping entrepreneurs for over twenty years as a professional organizer, public speaker and business coach. In her free time, you can find her doing yoga, gardening and or spending way too much time finding the perfect GIFs to send to her daughter and grandkids.


Tonie Palmero has a degree in business management and is enjoying a long career in customer service, where she interacts with all levels of management from executives to custodial staff. A people person at her core, she loves to encourage and inspire others to be their very best. 


She joined Love Is My Religion as a board member to bring love, understanding and kindness to the world one brave conversation at a time.


Dave Cocks attended hotel management school at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas and upon graduating joined the Sheraton Hotel chain where he stayed for twenty years. After Sheraton he went on to experience small unique boutique style properties, both city and resorts in senior operation executive roles. 

After participating in the roundtables hosted by Love Is My Religion for over a year, Dave Cocks agreed to become a board member and help grow the organization. 

In his spare time, you can find him spending time with his grandchildren.


For over twenty years, Scott Houghton has done coaching and transformation work, and is currently working in senior care with dementia and Alzheimer’s residents.


When Raymond, founder and board member of Love Is My Religion, approached Scott Houghton about joining the board, he saw it as the perfect opportunity to make a difference outside of work. As a husband for thirty three years and a father of three, his calling is for all people to be present to the gift they are such that they can make a difference. He is committed to creating a world where all sides can be heard, and is passionate about moving that mission forward through Love Is My Religion.


Terri Gilbert's purpose in life is for people to experience being profoundly related, and felt that Love Is My Religion’s mission, to create a world where love wins, was the perfect opportunity to fulfill that purpose.


As a trained neuroscientist and science communicator, she fosters the kind of communication in which people are emotionally impacted by the interactions they have with others, and brings that training to each roundtable that Love Is My Religion hosts.


Media Enquiries

For all media enquiries please contact Raymond Ussery at

Love Is My Religion Milestones

Summer of 2019​

We had our first board retreat where we sketched out the mission, vision and the beginnings of the round table format.

December of 2019

We had our first round table in person.

June of 2020

We pivoted due to the pandemic and had our first Zoom round table.

August of 2021

We had our first private corporate event with 50 attendees.

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