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Have Questions or Want to Learn More About Our Round Tables?

Our Round Tables create a brave, respectful space where different groups voice their personal experiences and listen empathetically to other perspectives and points of view.  These meaningful discussions are designed for people to set aside assumptions and truly hear those they once viewed as the "other." 

  • You will feel heard about your experience of our current reality

  • You will deepen your ability to hear others – even those you disagree with

  • And you will be inspired to take actions to create a world where love wins

What is the Round Table Format?

  • Anyone willing to respectfully engage with "the other" is welcome.

  • Each Zoom meeting begins with ground rules and is guided by Love is My Religion facilitators. 
  • Participants share from their personal experience, not talking points or on behalf of a collective group. We do not convert or convince.

  • You do not have to speak; by being present and listening you will experience the benefits.

  • Our Round Tables are typically the second Saturday from 2 - 4 Pacific.

  • There is no charge to attend, but you must RSVP.

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Be Heard Round Tables

Open Hearts, Open Minds

  • Be Heard about Women
    Sat, Sep 17
    It's a challenging, rewarding, infuriating, helluva time to be a woman in our country. Women, join us to be heard about the whole spectrum of it. Men, you'll get to hear what women are dealing with, and you'll get to speak too.
  • Be Heard about Men
    Sat, Oct 15
    From #MeToo to male privilege to redefining healthy masculinity, a lot of what men took for granted may no longer be the case. Men, join us to be heard about the shifting landscape of masculinity. Women, hear what men are dealing with, and you'll get to speak as well.
  • Be Heard on Guns
    Sat, Jul 16
    Even though this is a contentious issue, we will not be debating. We will respectfully hear your views, and how you arrived there. Everyone is welcome, especially folks who own guns and those who've experienced gun violence.

Previous Round Table Community Discussions

Upcoming Round Table Session

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Be Heard on Abortion

November 2021

9/11: What it Means to be American Now

September 2021

Be Heard on Vaccination & the Pandemic

March 2021

February 2022

Healing our Country

February 2021

Be Heard: Election Edition

November 2020

Conservatives & Liberals

July 2020
October 2020

May 2022

LGBTQ+ & Straight

September 2020
June 2021

Be Heard on Race

August 2020
May 2021

+ Privilege June 2022

From our Conservative/Liberal Event

(The Round Table) opened my eyes and heart big time to other point of views on life and issues. So grateful . . . Being a conservative, I was a bit scared, frankly, but it was handled professionally and with extreme tact.

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From our Vaccination Event

(The Round Table was) a  very civil conversation with open-minded folks from all over the spectrum, i.e., the opposite of how most of America seems to be communicating.

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From our LGBTQ+ Event

I feel that this way of sharing emotions and ways of thinking provide a very comfortable setting. I probably never would have had this open conversation with other individuals anywhere else.

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From our Healing our Country Event

You have looked at a HUGE dynamic in our culture and decided to ignore it no longer. Bless you. This is probably the single most important thing we could all be doing . . . We got here after centuries of following paths that did not serve us well; we will not change it overnight. Patience, courage and persistence, tempered with love. You are making a difference. I am honored to have been part of it. 

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From our People of Color/White People Event

I was shockingly surprised at the conversation that ensued during that event.  The people that communicated there were from all spectrums of our society and yet I found that all were heard, all chose to hear, and regardless of our individual ideologies, there was a moment of pure connection.  I am still, to this day, baffled but whatever occurred, at least for that several hour event, we respected each other.  It was quite powerful.

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From a Private Company Event on Diversity

It was a huge success! … (We) learned about the experience of people of different genders, races, cultural backgrounds and … that we were not alone in the world … Everyone was free to share their own experiences without being ashamed or judged … Many participants shared how important the experience was for them and how it touched their emotions to the point of crying.